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The Dr. Mac Award 

The Dr. William T. MacLauchlin Award, to be presented to a Rotarian exemplifying nobility of character and personal integrity, was established on March 24, 2006, and Dr. MacLauchlin was the first recipient.  The Newton-Conover Rotary Club was chartered in 1949 and Dr. Mac (as he was affectionately known) was a charter member of the club.  He loved his church and Rotary.  His life was one of “service above self” and this award will be given annually to a deserving Rotarian.

Dr. MacLauchlin was president of the club for the 1955-1956 year.  The club’s bulletin named “The Pitch” was created in 1955.  Bound copies of “The Pitch” from 1955 through 1957 were presented by Dr. MacLauchlin to Teresa W. Biggs, 2005-2006 club president.  The dates of the club meetings in 1955 were exactly the same as the club meetings in 2005.  Each week “this day 50 years ago the club program was….” was announced during the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 club year.  These issues featured a “Rotarian Review” each week and presented the club with much insight into the club’s history.  The 1955-1956 and the 2005-2006 book of programs have been presented to the Catawba County Museum of History to preserve the history of the Newton-Conover Rotary Club.  

Dr. MacLauchlin had been a Rotarian for 57 years at the time of his death on March 29, 2006. 

The club’s prestigious Vocational Service Award was presented to Dr. MacLauchlin in 1981.  He served thousands of patients and friends as he practiced family medicine for 41 years in Conover.  He is remembered as resolute but yet deeply compassionate and caring about his fellow man.

In addition, Dr. MacLauchlin served his country in World War II and was twice awarded the Silver Star Medal for valor as well as the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart Medal for wounds he received in action.

This new award will be given annually to someone who emulates the benevolent and caring nature of Dr. William T. MacLauchlin.

The founding members of the MacLauchlin Award Committee are Dan Timmerman, Teresa Biggs, Sylvia Ray, and Tom Warlick.  Each year the previous year’s winner and the club’s past president will serve on the committee with the founding members.

Award Recipients

Recipient Year Awarded
Dr. William T. MacLauchin 2006
Charles Corriher 2007
Sylvia Ray 2008
B. Stuart Terry 2009
Rev. Harold F. Leatherman 2010
Glenn Edward Yount 2011
Jerome W. Bolick 2012
J. Robert Gaither 2013
Patricia F. Gibson 2014
Thomas W. Warlick 2014
Dan Ray Timmerman Sr. 2015
Martin E. Burrows 2016
Frank C. Cloninger 2016
Cuyler Dunbar 2017
Karey D. "Gussy" Warren 2018
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